High Treason and Baseball

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Committee meetings started today. Before legislation can be debated and voted on, it must first go through a committee. I’m on the Liturgy and Music Committee (my first choice), which reviews things related to changes in the prayer book, creating task forces to study new music and services, and the hot button issue this year: same-sex blessings.

Our first meeting was slow and easy, mostly because there’s not much we can do. We have to open up to public hearing all resolutions we will be considering, and those require at least four hours notice. So the first meeting is really just to establish how we want to conduct ourselves and plan when we’ll have our hearings.

For reasons I still don’t quite understand, the Liturgy and Music Committee is MASSIVE. There’s about 50 of us, so sometimes it feels a bit like a session on the floor of the House of Deputies. We held our first hearing in the evening followed by committee discussion. While the public didn’t have much to say about most of our resolutions, we seemed to have plenty to argue about. But I suppose that makes sense. We wouldn’t be on the committee if we didn’t care a lot about the liturgy and music of the church.

Unfortunately I missed the opening speeches by the Presiding Bishop and President of the House of Deputies (still not sure why it wasn’t on my calendar, but that’s what I get for trusting my own ability to interface with technology). I’m told that I “didn’t miss much,” which is to be suspected (in my experience intro speeches tend to be 85% formality), but I’m still disappointed to have missed them for such a silly reason. However I used the apparently not-free-time to go over committee work, so it wasn’t a total loss.

After the hearing I joined the Indianapolis Indians game already in progress. A large block of tickets was purchased for convention goers to see this minor league team play on the Forth of July, followed by fireworks in the stadium and a good view of the city fireworks right after.

I have never, in all my memory, been too hot at a baseball game. Once, many years ago, I recall being comfortable, but that’s the closest I’ve ever come until today. For the first time ever my hot dog didn’t get cold (too bad it was the same for my Pepsi). Minor league baseball in 106 degree heat, surrounded by Christians and patriotic T-shirts. I am America.

After an Indians victory over the Louisville Bats, I realized that while the stadium was nice, I wasn’t keen on spending another hour in the heat waiting for the sun to set, especially after my realization that the view from our Diocesan caucus room would be better than in the stadium. I sent a quick email to invite the other deputies to join me, and that’s how I ended up watching fireworks from the 23rd floor of the JW Marriott with a few friends on the Forth of July, while Mother Nature made her own display just south of the city with a bit of lightning and thunder.

I ended the day by reading the text of the Declaration of Independence, as is my tradition. Sometimes people like to compare themselves and their own plight to that of the patriotic forefathers, and it’s nice to remind oneself just how bad things had to get before the colonists were willing go out on this particular limb. After all, had they lost the war they would have all been declared traitors and hanged.

So here’s to high treason. And baseball.


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