Making a Mess

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I have a lot of reading and re-reading to do before tomorrow night’s big hearing on same-sex blessings, so tonight I’ll be brief and tell you about my own Bishop Greg Rickel’s sinister plan to be charitable.

At General Convention, we celebrate a Eucharist service everyday.* After our first day, the Bishop noticed a specific absence in the service: we didn’t pass the plate. There was no offering taken at all. He inquired with the planning committee and was told it was part of an effort to keep the service short, an explanation which he finds silly and immediately¬†blogged about. While I agree that the service is better shortened, I can tell you exactly where you can cut four minutes out of any Eucharist: the sermon.

Bishop Greg calculated that we could easily raise about $30,000 by passing the basket during convention, which is no small amount of money that could go into any number of good causes. His solution? Tomorrow at the beginning of the service he intends to throw a dollar at the base of the baptismal font, and is encouraging others to follow. He’s gotten so much support for it that strangers have been handing him cash all day to add to the pile because they won’t be here tomorrow to do it themselves. My favorite was his explanation of why he believes it will work:

“If we make a mess, someone will have to clean it up.”

Bishop Greg says if no other ideas come up for where to put his mess, he’ll have it sent towards the continuing relief efforts in Haiti.

*More specifically, a Eucharist takes place every day. I’ll be upfront that I don’t always go because (for me) it makes the service less and less meaningful to do it so often. Plus I find it terribly exhausting at a time when I am starving for renewal. Give me compline any day.





2 thoughts on “Making a Mess

    Rebecca Kirkpatrick said:
    July 7, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    Thank you for documenting the good work and for being part of the good work.

    Jim Campbell said:
    July 8, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    We need more troublemakers like Greg to get things in shape there. I loved his latest post with the people all lined up at Starbucks after the service. Would it hurt to miss a $ or have one less coffee once in a while? And, keep beating the drum for more inclusion and better liturgy around this for the younger folks to have a place in the church.

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