Happy Trails

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The main issue on the floor for the last day of convention was that it was the last day of convention. There is a sense of panic that sets in on the last day, as it suddenly occurs to us that we will never be able to finish it all in time. There’s a flurry of motions to suspend the rules of order to move around important legislation, it becomes impossible to keep track of the calendars and what’s been decided, and the amount of time we give ourselves to speak on any issue gets shorter and shorter.

We started the day with a resolution to bypass some rules and allow that all the resolutions we don’t get to by the end of convention to be referred to the appropriate committees. As the head of Dispatch was explaining the benign nature of it, he said, “We do this at the end of every convention.” If that’s not an argument for restructuring, I don’t know what is. We should not have a system in which we are permanently incapable of completing the work assigned.

I’ve heard several encouraging reports about how the hotel staff feels about us. The phrase, “I wish you guys would stay forever” has been quoted several times, as well as, “You’re the only Christians that haven’t made me mad,” and my personal favorite, “You’re much better than the Baptists. You guys buy drinks and you bring your own women!”

Time to get packing!


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