About This Blog

My hope with this site is to make the goings on of the Episcopal General Convention (this year taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah) known to all of those that are interested, and to establish a way for people to relate their opinions back to me.
I believe that church politics are important, and can be interesting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an avid church goer for 40 years or an atheist for 4 months; the way religious institutions conduct themselves can and will affect you. From the history of the world to the history of this country, religions have rivaled governments in the amount of influence they can have over everyday lives. We are a society of interconnections, and we cannot simply ignore each other’s actions and hope for the best.
Beyond this, I believe that knowledge of the beliefs of others helps a person to develop beliefs of their own. If you can understand why one group believes in a certain thing, it can help you understand why you don’t. Better yet, that knowledge and understanding might just change your mind. Either way, you cannot argue with a rival whose argument you refuse to hear.
Most of all, I hope that writing about my thoughts and experiences during the convention process will encourage people to think and comment. Please feel free to send me messages, recommend links to check out, or leave comments. I have plenty that I can say to you, but it is nothing in comparison to what you can say to me.