Day One: Already Exhausted

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Today’s post will be short on both length and substance as the day has been long and my mind is checked out. It’s amazing that I am this beat after so short a time, especially since this is the convention where I have felt most comfortable, most at home. Here are some highlights from the day, some of which may be referenced later in more in-depth posts:

1) A two hour legislative session in which the only substantial matter addressed was the proposed Rules of Order. It’s amazing how dysfunctional we can be in our attempts to function better.

2) A unanimous decision to immediately address a resolution expressing support and condolences for the South Carolina shooting victims and their families. The letter was endorsed without objection and specifically labels the incident as a “racist act of violence.”

3) Having an older cis-gendered heterosexual white man talk about the importance of addressing privilege as he proceeded to interrupt me but not the other two men in the conversation.

4) Getting my own privileged checked when I failed to account for the significant loss in racial diversity that would come from reducing the size of the House of Deputies, a proposal I otherwise support.

5) Secret Young Adult Deputy meeting.

6) Eating McDonald’s for the first time in a long time (not worth it).

7) Hearing many beautiful and passionate responses in the hearing on the proposed marriage canons.

8) Realizing that there is zero agreement on whether or not our Book of Common Prayer is a constitutional document.

9) Being praised by multiple people for sharing a personal experience I didn’t realize was so important.

10) One of the most honest and interesting conversations on sex and marriage and society that I’ve ever had.

I’m going to bed now in the interest of self-care. Tomorrow is another, longer day.


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